Spring 23 - Watch Doraemon, Play Picross

We talk about Doraemon Story of Seasons, with a special guest.

Spring 22 - Spooky Scary Skeletons

We talk about Graveyard Keeper, a spooky scary game.

Spring 21 - the most high energy episode

We talk about My Time at Portia. Finally.

Spring 20 - Hashtag Swimsuits For All

We talk about a number of games we want to play.

Spring 19 - Microtransactions!!!!!

We talk about a couple of mobile farming games.

Spring 18 - A/Nother Wonderful Life (SE)

We talk about the classic game Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

Spring 17 - Raschelle just wants to be a Gingerbread Farmer

We talk about all of the news of the past month, and talk about the Ooblets Epic exclusivity controversity

Spring 16 - I Played Some Forager, True Story

We talk about Forager, and how it might have been designed with Al in mind.

Spring 15 - You say gif, I say gif, let's call the whole thing off

We talk about Littlewood. Is it the best farming game ever?

Spring 14 - A Very Well Structured Episode

We talk about Minecraft, and why it is, infact, a farming game.

Spring 13 - The Hat is Evil

We talk about the demo for Doraemon Story of Seaons, and initial thoughts on the game.

Spring 12 - The Expert at Being Mildly Satisfied

We talk about games we are loking forward to coming out

Spring 11 - Mods mods mods

We talk about Farming Game mods. What are they? What games have them? What are our favourite ones?

Spring 10 - The Best Soybeans in the World

We talk about our Trio of Towns challenge. Who will win this one?

Spring 9 - 100 Years of Festivals

We discuss all the calendar related events in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Spring 8 - 100 years of Mechanics

We look at Trio of Towns, and discuss the mechanics and how you play the game.

Spring 7 - 100 Years Of Characters

We look at Trio of Towns, and discuss the underlying story and all about the characters.

Spring 6 - Automate All The Things!!

Al and Raschelle look at the new game Factory Town. Raschelle gets addicted.

Spring 5 - Read All About It

An introduction to Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, a whole lot of news, and some discussion about Pokémon.

Spring 4 - Mining is a Dangerous Profession

Raschelle and Al talk about their first Challenge, mining in Stardew.

Spring 3 - Farming With Friends

We talk about the newest update for Stardew Valley, including the multiplayer functionality

Spring 2 - Meeting the Villagers

We talk about one of the biggest farming games, and an indie sensation of the last few years ... stardew valley

Spring 1 - New Beginnings

We talk about who we are, and what the podcast will be about.

0 - Coming soon

The Harvest Season: Coming Soon