Spring 23 - Watch Doraemon, Play Picross

We talk about Doraemon Story of Seasons, with a special guest.

Also, some newly announced physical releases, some updates to games, and some sales.


[00:30] Intro [02:54] What are we playing? [08:27] News [23:32] Doraemon Story of Seasons [01:28:25] Spoilers about the horse [01:30:50] End of spoilers about the horse [01:31:47] Spoilers about the dog [01:33:28] End of spoilers about the dog [02:00:57] Outro

Stranded Sails Physical Release Forager physical release Forager Episode Farming simulator 19 Platinum Littlewood Exotic Pets Harvest Moon Mad Dash Natsume Sale

Doraemon Story of Seasons on Switch



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