Spring 21 - the most high energy episode

We talk about My Time at Portia. Finally.

Also, we have a load of new release dates, lots of updates, and a delay. Again.


[00:32] Intro
[02:28] What are we playing?
[11:45] News
[25:31] My Time at Portia
[01:10:25] Outro

Doraemon Story of Seasons on Switch
Stranded Sails Release Date
Village Monsters Release Date
Forager Combat Update Release Date
Stardew Self-publishing on Switch
Stardew possible physical release
Stardew Xbox 1.3 Update delayed
Stardew 1.4 update “soon”

My Time at Portia on Steam
My Time at Portia on Switch
My Time at Portia Wiki



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