Spring 20 - Hashtag Swimsuits For All

We talk about a number of games we want to play.

Also, there are a few new trailers, an exciting Humble Bundle, some game updates, and of course … a brilliant pre-order DLC for Rune Factory 4 for Switch.


[00:29] Intro [01:51] Feedback
[08:52] What are we playing? [12:54] News [35:06] Future Games [59:57] Outro

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash Rune Factory 4 Archival Edition Stranded Sails trailer Snacko trailer Humble Builders Bundle Littlewood Update Factory Town Update Flotsam Early Access Flotsam on Steam

Future Games 1 Episode

Kynseed Winkeltje: The Little Shop Autonauts Mendel's Garden Garden Story Dinkum WoMen in Science



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